Top 10 Causes of Hair Loss

Hair has so many connotations for us – its health indicates physical vitality; its grooming indicates our socio-economic status. It can determine our level of self confidence and perception of our own attractiveness. So, hair loss can be traumatic to say the least. Knowing about the hair loss causes is therefore a matter of interest for most of us. Here are some of the major causes of hair loss.

1. Genetics

Probably the most important factor that determines when and how much hair we lose is our genes. Thus, a man is likely to lose hair early if his father lost his hair early.

2. Scalp and Skin Conditions

Bacterial infections of the scalp and/or the skin could cause hair loss. Conditions such as ringworm, seborrhea and psoriasis, or even excessive dandruff could contribute to hair loss.

3. Stress


Stress can impact the speed of hair loss. In fact, hair growth problems are common among people who are too stressed.

4. Sleep Deprivation

Insomnia, sleeping disorders and lack of sleep can influence hair health, eventually leading to hair loss since the body does not get enough time to relax and heal itself.

5. Medical Condition

Certain sexually transmitted diseases could result in hair loss. Even diabetes is known to cause hair loss. Lupus is another condition that could cause hair loss.

6. Medications or Substance Abuse

Several medications are known to cause temporary hair loss, and in the case of chemotherapy, temporary baldness. Drug interactions or supplement interactions can also cause the problem. Abusing medications or other drugs can also cause these problems of hair loss.

7. Hormonal Changes

Hair loss is known to have a close connection with hormones. The hormonal changes during pregnancy, childbirth and menopause can cause hair loss. Thyroid imbalances and other hormonal imbalances also affect hair loss.

8. Nutritional Deficiencies

Sometimes it can be a diet that is deficient in certain nutrients that lead to hair loss. For instance, people with eating disorder are frequently seen to experience hair loss.

9. Gender

Men and women tend to lose hair differently and may have different underlying causes for hair loss. Women tend to lose hair uniformly all over the scalp, whereas men tend to lose hair in a distinctive pattern, which is why it is known as male pattern hair loss.

10. Hairstyles or Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments to straighten, relax or curl the hair can damage the hair shaft and weaken it, leading to hair breakage and finally hair loss. Frequent exposure to chemicals and heat tends to have a detrimental effect on hair.

Even certain hair styles, such as very tight pony tails or braids or cornrows that tug and pull at the hair could cause hair loss; in some cases permanent damage.

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