Does Hair Grow Faster in the Summer? The Description Will Surprise You

In the summer, hair loss makes many people feel sad. It’s hard to change your hairstyle to make you feel more in love with life. But then you feel disappointed because your hair has been cut too short. It will be easier to change styles with long hair. Many people always wonder: Does hair grow faster in the summer? The answer contained in the article will surprise you.

Does hair really grow faster in the summer?

Hair really does not grow faster in the summer. Many people find that their hair seems to grow faster in the summer. In fact, there is no scientific evidence to prove that hair grows faster in the summer than in other seasons.

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, human hair grows faster in the summer. However, it is only 10% faster than its growth in winter. With this number, people will not be able to realize if their hair is really longer in the summer or not. Seasonal temperature changes will affect hair growth.

According to the hair growth cycle, the Anagen phase is the growth phase of hair follicles. Hair follicles will grow the most around March. The weather is starting to warm up at this time. Hair growth at this stage will gradually decrease until September.

At this time, hair growth will enter the Catagen phase. The progenitor cells of the hair strand stop differentiating in about 3 weeks.

The Telogen phase is the time when the hair follicles are at rest, the hair is gradually pushed out of the head to prepare for the new hair growth process. This phase usually lasts for about 3-5 months, with 5-10% of the hairs in the resting phase.

Hair is only 10% faster than its growth in winter

Why do many people notice that their hair grows faster in the summer?

The rate of hair growth in summer increases very little compared to winter. However, the human diet in the summer has made hair grow 10% faster. This has made many people notice the speed of hair growth.

In summer, prolonged sunshine and high temperatures will make people more tired. This has made them increase their need for nutrients. We often tend to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits in the summer to cool down the body. There are many vegetables and fruits that increase the production of keratin. This is a protein that stimulates hair growth.

How to quickly grow long hair in the summer?

There are many ways to make hair grow faster such as less shampooing, using hair conditioners, avoiding heat styling tools, etc. You just need to be persistent in these ways and you will have long hair like you desire.

Tip 1: Cut your hair often

This sounds absurd, doesn’t it? But this is completely valid. Short hair does not mean that the hair is not damaged such as dry, frizzy, split ends. These are all things that inhibit the growth of hair, especially split ends.

Therefore, you need to cut these damaged hairs regularly to create conditions for faster hair growth. Hair after being trimmed will grow not only longer but also fuller and more bouncy.

cut your damaged hair regularly
You need to cut these damaged hairs regularly

Tip 2: Avoid heat styling tools

Constantly styling with heat is definitely not the answer to the question of how to grow long hair fast. Heat will help you shape your hair but also make it dry and harder to grow. We recommend giving your hair time to dry naturally rather than trying to use a hairdryer or style it. If you must, you need to have protective measures for your hair such as moisturizers, hair sprays, etc.

Tip 3: Wash your hair as little as possible

Shampoo will be what causes the hair to lose its oil layer, limiting the process of hair growth and growth. Washing your hair less is something you need to do for your hair. Experts recommend washing your hair about 2 to 3 times per week. Or even once per week is enough. This will ensure that the natural oils secreted will be distributed to the entire hair, taking better care, helping the hair to grow longer.

Tip 4: Use hair oil

Some hair oils will provide nutrients to promote hair growth. You should prioritize choosing oils extracted from natural plants to ensure safety for your hair. You should use essential oils extracted from natural ingredients such as grapefruit essential oil, lavender essential oil, coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil,…

Tip 5: Use cold water at the end of shampooing

Cold water at the end of each hair care session is also one of the answers to the question of how to grow long hair. Cold water will make the hair smoother, minimizing the penetration of external heat to the hair.

cold water is better for hair
Cold water is better for hair than warm water

Tip 6: Use pillows silk

Cotton pillows are being used by many female friends. This inadvertently causes hair damage, limiting hair growth due to the friction between the cotton fibers and the hair. Use silk pillows instead to give your hair a better feel.

Tip 7: Use a hair mask

Like a face mask, hair also needs a mask to supplement the necessary nutrients. Hair masks will give you the necessary nutrients quickly, helping your hair grow longer. Using natural ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, olive oil, onion, etc. to make a “mask” for hair is a way to help restore damaged hair, stimulate hair growth quickly.

Tip 8: Detoxify

One of the indispensable steps to stimulate hair growth is to detox the hair. Hair detox products are usually extracted from ginger and green tea. This duo is responsible for removing accumulated toxins as well as dirt and bacteria from your hair. As a result, the hair will be cleaner, healthier to resist other environmental factors. Not only that, detox also provides essential hair care nutrients. All will help you have long and completely healthy hair.

In this article, we answered the question “Does hair grow faster in the summer?” It has provided you with useful information. If you would like to use hair extensions, buy virgin hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors. We hope that you will always have long, smooth, and strong hair.