Viviscal Hair Growth Program Review: How Effective Are These Hair Care Vitamins and Supplements?

When hair starts falling excessively, it’s not a good sign at all. It can lead to some very ugly bald patches and is definitely something that needs to be taken care of immediately.

However, there are a lot of reasons for hair fall, but, the main reasons why people experience hair fall these days is the stress, tension and hectic lifestyles. Plus, people do not have time to really care for their hair. Another main cause could be the overuse of styling products. Not maintaining a healthy diet is also one of the reasons why hair growth can reduce. All of these combined can have a drastic effect on one’s hair growth.

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The Viviscal hair growth program

Well, whatever the reason may be, everyone’s looking for a quick solution to fix this problem of excessive hair fall. The secret behind beautiful hair is the Viviscal Hair Growth Program. Statistics have revealed that one in two women start losing hair at some point in their lives. That’s where this hair growth program has given some people hope.

viviscal-hair-growth-programThis program has two main products – one for men and one for women. Both the products have supplements that are scientifically formulated to nurture the thinning hair and also promote healthy growth of the existing hair from within. The supplements consist of select marine complex AminoMar®.

Back in the 1980s, a professor from Scandinavia was studying the Inuits. His study led to the discovery of their amazing hair and skin. It was due to their protein-rich and fish diet. The Scandinavian professor managed to isolate the primary protein molecules from their diet. This was the origin of AminoMar. Since then, this fantastic product has been used and tested all over the world.

The Viviscal hair care range

For best results, experts suggest that along with the supplements using the Viviscal hair care range will ensure that the hair re-growth is faster, stronger and healthier. They have three products-Viviscal Gentle Shampoo, Viviscal Moisturizing Conditioner, and Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers.

Buy Viviscal hair growth products on Amazon

How do the supplements work?

Eating a healthy diet of essential nutrients like protein, minerals or vitamins is vital for your hair to be healthy. The usual diet lacks these nutrients. This is where the supplements play an important part and fill in the void. The supplements provide the vital nutrients along with a unique blend of minerals and vitamins. This directly affects the hair follicle, which in turn extends the anagen or the growing phase of the growth cycle of hair.

The dietary supplements essentially work in four stages. The team at Viviscal has stated that these supplements will have an effect over a period of six month. However, some users have also reported a significant difference in their hair in as less as three to four months as well.

Stage 1: This is the initial stage, and the hair follicles are enriched due to the constant intake of marine complex as well as other nutrients in every tablet.

Stage 2: In this stage, wispy and thin hair is strengthened through the increased nourishment.

Stage 3: In this stage, the thinning and breaking of hair continues to reduce, hence, encouraging growth of existing hair.

Stage 4: This stage will transform your hair as they become more vibrant, healthier as well as stronger. This is due to the fact that the nutrients are being replaced thoroughly.

Satisfied consumers

Until today, thousands of users have been following the Viviscal Hair Growth Program and have had some great results. Let’s look at what they have to say about it.

Amanda from Pennsylvania doesn’t usually write any reviews, but this product has improved her hair to such an extent that she couldn’t resist reviewing it. She says,

In addition to the hair growing back, I have got baby hairs as well! I have completely stopped bleaching my hair. Taking these supplements has made me and my hair very happy. And it’s only getting better.

Dianne from Solon, Ohio is extremely impressed with this product. She was on blood pressure meds and since then she noticed considerable loss of hair as well as thinning. But after taking Viviscal supplements, this is what she said,

Not only me, my hair stylist has also noticed the visible difference in my hair. They are back to being longer, stronger as well as shinier. I’ll definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

Sy B from Virginia feels that this product is absolutely amazing. She said,

I have been using it for two years now and can’t say I’ve used any other product that is so great. In less than a year my hair went from being chin-length bob to shoulder-length. My hair also feels much thicker now.

Buy Viviscal hair growth products on Amazon

Elizabeth Kirkland tried this product and this is what she has to say.

This product has worked very well for me. My hair is much stronger and the breakage has also reduced. In fact, this is the second time I have bought the product. Since the recommended dosage is two pills a day, one box lasts for a month. Although, people have had an issue with it being a bit pricey, for me, it’s definitely worth it.

Since it will not have the same effect on each and everyone, some may experience great results within only three months of using it while, some may need to take the pills longer to see any noticeable effect. That being said, Viviscal Supplements have their share of pros and cons. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


  • Can be used by men as well as women; though there are two different products available for them.
  • The supplements are very effective and can be used daily.
  • The pills are very simple to take and easy to swallow as well.
  • These pills work wonders on dry, damaged, as well as lifeless hair.
  • These pills are great for hair loss as well.


  • Some people have complained of upset stomach after taking the pills.
  • Another reason why many people refrain from buying these pills is because they are quite expensive.


All in all, the Viviscal Hair Growth Program is excellent and is definitely worth the time and money. Try it today to see the difference it makes to your hair.

Buy Viviscal hair growth products on Amazon