A Beautiful Head of Hair: Tips for Combing and Keeping the Hair Looking Great

how to comb your hair

It’s easy to pick up habits that may save time but are ultimately not in your best interest. Take your hair, for example. There’s a chance that you’ve been doing something with your hair for years that is really not the best approach. When it comes to combing, brushing, and, in general, styling your hair, there are some basics to keep in mind. Follow these tips and your hair will look and feel healthier without sacrificing style.

Choosing a Comb or Brush

Some people think that any old comb or brush will do. That’s not the case at all. It pays to consider the characteristics of your hair in order to find the right tool. For example, your hair may be somewhat coarse and thick. That will call for using a comb with teeth that are wider spaced. If you like using a brush, something that will not become tangled in your thicker hair and cause breaks is the best option.

One huge issue to avoid is buying a comb or brush that comes with sharp teeth or bristles. A better choice is to invest in something that has blunted teeth or brush bristles with those tiny balls on the ends. That type of brush is not only better for your hair, it’s also better for your scalp and will help keep the tissue holding the hair follicles in place much healthier.

If you are not sure what type of brush or comb would be best for daily use, talk with a barber or a styling professional. They can assess the texture and thickness of your hair and come up with some practical suggestions.

Only Comb the Hair when It’s Dry

Have you ever jumped out of the shower, ran a towel over your dripping hair, and then proceeded to run a comb or brush through it? While it may make it easier to style, your hair does not need that excess moisture. In fact, it may even increase the potential for splitting once it does dry.

A better approach is to gently towel dry your hair before trying to do anything with it. Getting rid of the excess moisture will allow the brush or comb to move through the hair easier. You’ll also notice that you have a better idea of how the hair will look for the rest of the day.

Keep in mind that if you do have dry hair and using conditioner isn’t quite enough, it’s okay to use some type of product in between the drying and the combing. This will reduce the friction that takes place when you run anything through the hair and prevent pulling, splits, and other damage.

How About Longer Hair?

If you have longer hair, it pays to start more toward the ends rather than at the scalp. The goal is to deal with any tangles that may be present in the main body of the hair, then go back and run a comb or brush through the entire length. This exerts less pressure on the hair follicles and helps to prevent breaking and the loss of more hair.

Try combing the hair in zones as part of the process. For example, comb the hair to the right, then the hair to the left. Once the sides are done, you can focus on the back. After giving attention to each zone, you can use the brush to run through all the sections again and create the look you want.

Take a good look at the way you comb your hair today. Are there some habits that need to be replaced with better choices? With a little time and effort, you will soon be free of those old ways and employ methods that keep your hair looking great at all times.