Topstyler Hair Curling System by Instyler: An Innovative Hair Curler Worth Buying!

The makers of Topstyler already have a lot of experience in creating hair styling products. One of their well-known products is Instyler, which is the rotating iron. Both these were created by Linda Flowers, a Hollywood hairstylist who has styled hair for celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Scarlett Johansson. Flowers created Topstyler so that she could give bouncy and voluminous waves to her clients quickly and without harming their hair.

If you’ve been looking for a product that could give your hair the waves and curls that you’d like, plus take care of it, then Topstyler is the product for you. Created by a Hollywood hairstylist, it just cannot get any better than that.

What is Topstyler and how does it work?

The Topstyler is exactly like a hot roller set. But, instead of rollers, it has clips that are made of ceramic on the inside. They are known as C-shells. You’ll need to roll your hair firmly from the roots. You’ll need to do them a bit hard, as if pulling your hair for perfect results.

topsytler-hair-curlerUnlike other curling tools, this doesn’t have a rod to wrap your hair around. You’ll need to use your fingers to wrap around sections of your hair and, then use the C-shells to keep it in place. The C-shells take only about two minutes to heat, and you’ll need to leave them in your hair for a minimum of 10 minutes. People using this product have left the C-shells in the hair for 20 minutes as well. Since it cools on its own, it doesn’t harm the hair in any way.

If you’re looking for very tight curls, like ringlets, then you need to use one finger. For medium-wave, use two fingers, and for softer, loose curls use three fingers.

The C-shell clips are independent, so you can leave them in your hair and go on about putting on your makeup, eating breakfast or do anything else while the clips remain in your hair. Once your time is up, all you need to do is remove the clips from your hair. Now run your fingers through your hair before giving them a good brush. Instantly, you’ll notice that your hair has gone from being poker straight to nice, voluminous soft curls or waves.

After experimenting with the Topstyler a couple of times, you’ll easily be able to figure out if you need any additional styling products to maintain the look or simply leave the clips in your hair longer. Most customers who have used this product have said that the style remains in your hair for at least one day.

What are people saying about it?

Most of the women who have used the Topstyler have only good things to say about it. Let’s take a look at how their experience has been with this incredible curling product.

Anne Fritz absolutely loves the way her hair becomes voluminous and bouncy after using it. She says,

I love how my hands are free to do just about anything. I apply makeup or get dressed or do just about anything. It’s a great product for me and I absolutely recommend it to all the ladies looking to get some bounce in their hair.

Meg used the Topstyler and felt that her hairs have never looked better. She says,

I have ‘difficult’ hair! But, after using this product, I’ve just been bombarded with compliments one after the other. It’s very easy and effective, and gives me an entirely different look.

Sammy from Texas says that the clips work really well. She said,

I have just bought the product, and still learning. For curls, it’s amazing! However, if you’re looking for a specific look, then you need to practice, which is true for all curling products anyway.

Erma from Idaho gave it a five-star and was actually surprised that this product even received a three-and-a-half star. She said,

I love the product so much, that I will be gifting this to all my four daughters for Christmas.

Shinestar from Florida says it perfect for last minute hairstyle. She says,

I have curly hair, but I use Topstyler occasionally when I feel like getting a few extra curls. It’s so easy to use plus it heats up in no time. Just under $100 when I bought, it makes for a great gift as well. In fact, I’m about to buy it for one of my friends.

The Topstyler is definitely one of the top products in the ‘curling hair’ category. It’s incredibly safe to use, and works like a charm. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this product.


  • It comes with a guide on how to curl your hair.
  • It comes with 10 big and 10 small C-shell clips to create different curl looks.
  • The Topstyler is able to create long-lasting body and volume to the hair.
  • It barely takes a few minutes to get all the clips in place.
  • The clips heat up very quickly, and six minutes is enough to heat all of them properly.
  • The clips are made up of ceramic plates on the inside, so, they don’t damage the hair.
  • A very portable product, you can carry it on your vacation also.
  • Topstyler is comparatively compact and easy to store anywhere, unlike most other curling products.


  • This requires a bit more practice to get the perfect curls.
  • Depending on the texture of the hair, the curls last longer for some women.
  • This product is best-suited for women with medium-length to long hair. It’s not advisable for women who have chin-length or shorter hair.
  • It’s a bit pricey as compared to some other curlers.


Overall, the Topstyler does do justice to the hair. It may take a few twists and turns to figure out the best hairstyle for you, but, which product doesn’t? This is a great product to get rid of your boring hair get some bounces in it. You don’t even have to spend a lot of time blow drying it. Available at different prices in different online stores, you will need to do a bit of research to get a decent deal on this product. Other than that, whatever price you purchase it for, it’s definitely worth it.