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How to Grow Your Hair Past Terminal Length

The terminal length is different for each and every person. Every person’s hair grows for a certain time, usually a few years and then fall out. Since women’s hairs grow at different rates, the hair length also differs. You may have noticed that your ...Read More

Top 10 All Natural Makeup Brands

Your skin could be sensitive to certain chemicals in common or garden varieties of makeup. Or it could be that the artificial fragrance element in some makeup brands doesn’t agree with your skin type; possibly even triggering allergies. Or it could simply be that ...Read More

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Hair helps to give us our beauty and when we lose it, it can be devastating to our self esteem. Thinning hair is also a problem for many people. Some people are so affected that they are unable to function in their everyday lives. ...Read More

Top Hair Growth Products and Their Efficacy

A number of medications in the form of cream, foam, lotion and oral products have proved effective for hair growth. Right from the common hair growth products like oil, shampoo and supplements to some advanced level products, here is a peek at what is ...Read More

Top 10 Causes of Hair Loss

Hair has so many connotations for us – its health indicates physical vitality; its grooming indicates our socio-economic status. It can determine our level of self confidence and perception of our own attractiveness. So, hair loss can be traumatic to say the least. Knowing ...Read More

10 Best Natural Beauty Products

Beauty doesn’t have to come out of a bottle or from a scalpel for that matter. Nature’s bounty helps satisfy so many of our skin care and beauty needs. The best natural beauty products can be found perhaps on our kitchen shelves, or growing ...Read More