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Applying Makeup Tips for Over 50

You may have some favorite make up products that you’ve always used but may find that later in life they don’t give quite the same results as they used to. The reason is that the skin is much different in the 50’s than it ...Read More

How to Apply Eye Shadow for Dark Brown Eyes

Dark brown eyes are the most beautiful eyes in the world and the right type of eye shadow can enhance and highlight them to make them even more so! Well made up eyes can make them appear more defined, larger and more limpid. And ...Read More

5 Long Lasting Makeup Tips

Let’s face it, with the right make up, you can go from dull and dowdy to dazzling diva in a matter of minutes. But long lasting makeup can be tricky – heat, humidity, pollution, dust and even your own oily skin could mean that ...Read More

Eyebrow Coloring Tips – Do It the Right Way

Eyebrows are the frame for the face which is why proper shaping as well as eyebrow coloring can be very important for an overall perfectly groomed look. It is not possible to safely use your hair color for your eyebrows, and so the right ...Read More