Anti Aging Skin Care Treatment that Works

Each anti aging skin care treatment that you read about claims to be better than the other. There are products out there that claim to work miracles and there is so much hype and exaggeration in the skin care industry that it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. We look at some of the anti aging skin care treatments that work.

1. Anti wrinkle creams

There is a plethora of this type of anti aging skin care treatment in the market – From cheap generics to hideously expensive branded items in fancy packaging. When they say smooth out wrinkles, what they really mean is that the moisturizer in there will probably hydrate your skin in a way that the lines or wrinkles are less visible.

anti-aging-creamOther wrinkle creams work by helping to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresher skin beneath. But to think that these formulations help to somehow ‘erase’ lines that are already there is something of a myth. It is also a myth that the more expensive the face creams and ones can have collagen in them, will work better.

What really works as anti aging skin care treatment, is protection of your skin. Have a regular cleanse, tone and moisturize routine for your skin. Use products that suit your skin and follow the routine regularly.

And sun protection is another vital requirement for effective skin care. Sun damage is the number one culprit for premature lines and skin aging. Using a good quality (read high SPF) sun screen the year round will probably do more for your skin that anti wrinkles creams will.

2. Botox

This anti aging skin care treatment has been popularized by a lot of celebrities as a less invasive alternative to surgical interventions such as face lists and so on. Botox is actually a toxin that is injected into the facial muscles to paralyze them. It is most often used to treat frown lines between the brows, facial lines and wrinkles.

3. Chemical peels

Chemical peels use various different chemicals in a salon or preferably a dermatologist setting. These chemicals help to remove the outermost layer of skin from the surface to reveal fresher, less lined looking skin beneath. A chemical peel can go wrong and cause bad side effects so they should be performed only by trained professionals.

4. Lasers

This anti aging skin care treatment uses targeted lasers and claims to help reduce lines, dark spots, sun damage and to help smooth and rejuvenate the skin. This is a non surgical treatment that is best done by trained experts.