Top Hair Growth Products and Their Efficacy

A number of medications in the form of cream, foam, lotion and oral products have proved effective for hair growth. Right from the common hair growth products like oil, shampoo and supplements to some advanced level products, here is a peek at what is available in the market for you.

Nutritional Supplements

Some instances of hair loss could be caused by nutritional deficiencies. In such cases, a multi vitamin, fish oil or omega 3 supplements, iron, zinc or calcium supplements could help act as hair growth treatment.


minoxidilThis hair growth product is a vasolidator and was originally developed as blood pressure medication. It is marketed under brand names like Rogaine/Regaine, Mintop, Vanarex, Loniten, etc. It can help regrow and maintain hair follicles as long as it continues to be used and is an effective treatment for male pattern baldness.


This drug was originally developed for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia but later on was used to treat male pattern baldness. Marketed under the brand names of Proscar, Propecia and other generics, it works by binding the enzymes that covert testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It can help to arrest hair loss and can also help to regrow hair.


dutasteride-avodartThis hair loss medication inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT in a mechanism similar to Finasteride. Though seen to be effective against hair loss, it is currently unavailable in many areas.

Ketoconazole Shampoo

This shampoo is seen to be effective in treating many cases of androgenic alopecia.


Caffeine based shampoos or sprays could be useful in stimulating hair to regenerate itself. However, research is still required to determine the correct dosage.

Prostaglandin Analogs

This is a group of medications whose efficacy against hair loss is still being studied and is in the development stage.