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Hair Growth Diet – What to Eat for Healthy Hair

Genetics will always be a major determinant in the process of hair growth. Other factors such as age, gender, hormones, medical conditions and overall health also affect the speed of hair growth. However there is something you can do to make your hair grow ...Read More

Top 10 Causes of Hair Loss

Hair has so many connotations for us – its health indicates physical vitality; its grooming indicates our socio-economic status. It can determine our level of self confidence and perception of our own attractiveness. So, hair loss can be traumatic to say the least. Knowing ...Read More

Hair Straightening Tips with Flat Iron

The sleek, silky and perfectly straight hair that we see in fashion magazines is usually the result of artifice rather than good genes. However with these hair straightening tips with flat iron, you can also have that sleek, well groomed, just-stepped-out-of-a-salon look! And you ...Read More