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Natural Hair Care Tips for Black Women

We all have different hair types and those of us who are of African extraction can have a unique set of problems and challenges. There is that extremely curly hair type to contend with; then there is the coarse texture to contend with. The ...Read More

What Is Hair Weaving? Is It for You?

Frequently we see pictures of celebrities in the media who seem to have miraculously regrown their hair. Whereas earlier they could be seen with a very high forehead or even a distinct bald patch, now they appear with a full head of hair! Often ...Read More

Top 5 Herbs to Help Your Hair Grow

Long before man discovered the assistance of chemicals to create various artificial changes in the body, nature’s bounty had provided the cures and beauty enhancements that we desired. Even for the hair, herbs and natural unctions have provided the means for growing long, lustrous, ...Read More

5 Early Signs of Balding

As with any ailment or disorder, early detection is the key to effective treatment and reversal of the condition. With hair loss as well, it is important to know about and identify these early signs of balding that will help you get help before ...Read More

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Hair helps to give us our beauty and when we lose it, it can be devastating to our self esteem. Thinning hair is also a problem for many people. Some people are so affected that they are unable to function in their everyday lives. ...Read More

Top Hair Growth Products and Their Efficacy

A number of medications in the form of cream, foam, lotion and oral products have proved effective for hair growth. Right from the common hair growth products like oil, shampoo and supplements to some advanced level products, here is a peek at what is ...Read More