8 Useful Tips for Great Underarms

With summer upon us, you probably want to breakout the little tank tops and the smart halter and perhaps a naughty strapless dress or two. Do you however hesitate to show off a bit of skin because of those underarms; worrying about hair removal, dark skin and body odor? Here are some practical tips to achieve those great underarms worth showing off.

1. Tone up

Nothing is going to make your arms, shoulders and underarms look good as much as toned muscles and supple glowing skin. By exercising regularly and adding some resistance to your workout, you can have well defined, lean and toned muscles that will let you show off strapless outfits as well as sleeveless ones.

2. Change the method of hair removal

great-underarmsHair removing creams contain acids that could react with and darken skin. Shaving creates that 5 o’clock shadow that also darkens the skin. Consider waxing or epilating the underarm area for smoother, lighter skin for longer.

3. Use prescription strength antiperspirant

If profuse sweating in the underarm area is a problem, consider getting your doctor to prescribe an exra strength antiperspirant to keep fresh there.

4. Concentrate on hygiene

Not only should you shower regularly, carry deodorant wet wipes that you can quickly swipe under your arms for an instantly clean and fresh feeling. Home remedies like applying a paste of baking soda and vinegar to the underarm area and then washing off could act as a natural antibacterial remedy.

5. Use exfoliation

At regular intervals, exfoliate the skin of your underarms by using a scrub or exfoliant. This will help get rid of dead skin and other debris that could be darkening the skin or causing underarm odor.

6. Wear natural fabrics

Breathable natural fabrics are best for preventing excessive sweating. They are able make you feel cooler and absorb sweat better. Also they are less prone to producing malodor than synthetic or artificial materials.

7. Learn relaxation techniques

Do you tend to sweat in stressful situations or when you’re nervous or simply when you’re around specific people? If so try to lower your stress levels overall and also learn some relaxation techniques that will help calm you down and help to relax in a stressful situation.

8. Check your diet

Find out if any particular food is causing body odor for you. Eating a lot of garlic and onion is known to exacerbate a body odor problem.