Summer Hair Care – Tips to Take Care of Your Hair in Summer

Summer may be that wonderful occasion for time spent at the beach, wind surfing, outdoor sport, lounging by the pool or just the time spent basking in the warm sun. But what about the fact that summer can wreak havoc on your hair? Here are some tips for hair care in summer to protect you while still having fun.

1. Sun protection

The sun can dry out hair, bleach it, damage it, and make it brittle and prone to breakage. So, sun protection is one of the most important tips for hair care in summer. Protect your hair from the sun by using a scarf or a hat or other protective head gear. Use a hair conditioner or other product with built in sun screen. If possible, stay out of the direct sun, particularly during those times of day when the sun’s rays are most direct.

2. Deep conditioning

hair-conditioningIf you’re spending a lot of time on the beach, in the pool or just lounging around in the sun, your hair needs a lot of tender loving care. Use deep conditioning treatments for hair regularly to help nourish and strengthen the hair shaft and also to increase shine. If required get deep conditioning treatments done from the salon to give extra nourishment to the hair. Additionally you can use hot oil treatments and massage to improve hair health.

3. Go natural

For the duration of summer try to see if you can do without the artifice of hair colors, hair relaxers, perming, straightening or other chemical treatments. Also reduce the amount of heat that your hair is exposed to by way of blow driers, hair longs, straightening irons and so on. All these take a toll on the hair, damaging the hair shaft, drying it and making it appear dull and lifeless. So keep styling and chemicals out of your regimen for hair care in summer.

4. Protect hair from chlorine and salt

chlorine-protectionChlorine and salt are both bad for the hair, so each time you hit the beach or the pool, make sure that you clean out your hair well with a gentle cleansing shampoo and be sure to condition each time as well.

5. Use an updo when you can

Keep your hair out of the way so far as possible. This will help to prevent tangles and snarls that take time and effort to comb out and also cause breakage. Braids, pleats, and ponytails mean you need to style your hair less. They also help you keep cool.

6. Trim regularly

Hair care in summer should include regular hair trims to keep spilt ends and other hair problems in control.