How Can I Strengthen My Nails After Acrylics?

Anyone who has used acrylic or fake nails knows that this has a rather detrimental effect on the health and strength of natural nails. When nails emerge from under the fakes, they can appear thin and brittle. If not removed the right way, the process of removal can itself ruin the natural nails. So it can be quite a challenge to restore the nails to good health, and get them looking good in the buff as well.

Here’s how to go about removing acrylics and to strengthen natural nails.

Remove acrylics the right way

Many people get professional help to get acrylics removed – this may be a good idea because the process can be tricky. And if you are getting it done professionally, consider getting yourself a manicure at the same time. If you’re doing this at home, use pure acetone to remove the acrylics but be careful because acetone is extremely drying.


After removing the acrylics

Some serious TLC is needed for your nails after they emerge from under the fake nails. Firstly ensure that your nails are clean after you remove the acrylics – use a gentle hand wash (avoid harsh soap which can be further drying and may further strip your nails of natural moisture). Trim the nails gently to get them into shape and to remove any jagged and uneven edges. Push the cuticles back gently and then care for your nails using any of these ideas:

  • Some experts recommend Vitamin E capsules – these can be punctured and the oil contained can be applied directly on to the nail bed to help nourish and soften the nails.
  • Special oil created for the cuticles (or even olive oil) can also help strengthen and restore the nails to their pre-acrylic health
  • Applying base coats on the nails is also known to help – they contain ingredients that can also help strengthen the nails and protect them from further drying. The product can be applied to the nails and then reapplied every few days or so to keep that protective layer on the nails.
  • A ridge filler product is something else that is recommended – this can help strengthen the nails too.
  • Check the nails frequently to see that there is no infection setting in from split or broken nails. Weak nails could be more prone to fungal or bacterial infections. Don’t ignore any irregularities that warn of infection.
  • Be sure to protect the nails by wearing gloves when washing, cleaning or using any solvents.