How to Remove Age Spots from Your Face

Age spots have several uncomplimentary names – they are called liver spots, or senile freckles as well. These are dark blemishes that appear on the skin of mature women due to normal aging of the skin and because of sun exposure. Most typically these ...Read More

Help for Aging Skin on Arms and Legs

Most women protect their facial skin from the sun, treat it to regular moisturizing, and even perhaps undergo beauty and youth treatments. But what about the skin on the arms and legs? This ages too! The skin lines and wrinkles sag and loosen the ...Read More

Face Wrinkles from Sleeping on Your Side

Most of us have a horror of letting others see our just out of bed, sleep wrinkled faces – we have all noticed how a night’s sleep causes the facial skin to appear somehow crumpled and more lined than it really is. This is ...Read More

Hair Loss in Females Over 50

There is evidence to show that about half of all women over the age of 50 experience some amount of hair loss. Female pattern hair loss is different than the type of hair loss that men experience – while men lose hair in a ...Read More

Natural Hair Care Tips for Black Women

We all have different hair types and those of us who are of African extraction can have a unique set of problems and challenges. There is that extremely curly hair type to contend with; then there is the coarse texture to contend with. The ...Read More

Top 10 Anti-Aging Supplements

Human beings have wanted to live longer and look younger since the dawn of time – it is perhaps our zest for life and love of the people around us that makes us strive to live longer and look better while we’re at it. ...Read More

How to Apply Eye Shadow for Dark Brown Eyes

Dark brown eyes are the most beautiful eyes in the world and the right type of eye shadow can enhance and highlight them to make them even more so! Well made up eyes can make them appear more defined, larger and more limpid. And ...Read More

What Causes Bad Breath and How to Prevent It?

It is so frustrating and embarrassing when you are in a conversation with friends, colleagues or family and you realize that the bad smell that is making them squint or move away is your breath. Bad breath happens to everyone every now and then, ...Read More

Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Acne

Acne is a common skin condition causing cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples. Most pimples form on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. Teens get acne due to hormonal changes during puberty. Acne Vulgaris is the type of acne associated with the teenagers. In ...Read More