Applying Makeup Tips for Over 50

You may have some favorite make up products that you’ve always used but may find that later in life they don’t give quite the same results as they used to. The reason is that the skin is much different in the 50’s than it was in the 20’s and 30’s, or even in the 40’s.

Most typically women undergo menopause by the time they are 50 and above in age, and this is when the skin can change quite dramatically – it can become significantly thinner and drier. Applying makeup becomes that much tricky and may not yield the same results as before. So keep these pointers in mind for applying makeup in your 50’s:

1. Moisturize

Don’t just use a moisturizer at night; ensure that you use one even under your makeup. Prime your skin with the help of light layer of moisturizer before putting on your makeup.


2. Use a light touch

Don’t cake it on. With older skin it is a case of less being more. Heavy makeup on older skin can seem more obvious and noticeable; even caricaturish. You want to enhance your looks without making it obvious that you’ve tried to do so!

3. Tone down the colors; make it subtle

The bright red lipstick and the eye-catching aqua eye shadow may have looked good on your 20 and 30 year old skin, but may not look that good on 50 year old skin. So change the color palette to suit more mature skin. Use browns peaches and light pinks rather than the brighter reds. The drama of thick eye liner and bold lipsticks was probably something of a showstopper in your younger days; not so much now. A hint of liner and a lighter color for eye shadow is better.

4. Concentrate on the eyes

The eyes betray age more than any other facial feature. So open up and brighten the eyes with the help of lashings of mascara. Use subtle eye shadow and liner to shape the eyes and tilt them upward to make them look bigger and younger.

5. Use age appropriate products

It’s a good idea to use makeup for mature skin; products that are formulated to look good specially on thinner, drier skin.

6. Don’t forget to remove your makeup

It is important to remove makeup before sleeping so that the skin can breathe. Cleansing the skin properly is as important in the later years as it was in the younger days.