Long Hair Problems and Benefits

The first thing you need to understand if you want to know how to make your hair grow longer is that the longer it gets, the more difficult it will be to manage. The truth is that most women believe that long hair is always equivalent to beautiful hair, but this is not always true. Long hair is just long hair, and like all types of hair, it will only look pretty if you bother to take care of it.

Basically, the longer your hair, the more maintenance it will require. In this sense, long hair can be a little like buying a really expensive and elegant gown. It may look beautiful, but it’s also relatively high-maintenance. Still, if you can keep up with your hair’s needs, you will be rewarded with the kind of hair which are only seen on Disney princesses. So to help you do this, here are several items that you ought to think about if you want longer hair.

Benefits of having long hair

long-hair-pros-consWell, the most obvious pro is that it makes you look prettier or more beautiful. Generally speaking among women, long hair is often interpreted as a sign of fertility. Provided that the hair is beautiful, a woman’s desirability increases as well. This is because long hair is a sign that the body has sufficient moisture. It’s also a sign of youth. Most people may not even know that they have these kinds of preferences, but the instinct for long hair exists for a reason.

Another benefit in having long hair is that it offers heat insulation as well as protection from ultra violet rays, which means that the more hair you have, the more protection you get. However, you don’t really need hair that reaches all the way down to your waist to get such a protection. Hair strands of moderate length are sufficient to provide such protection. Still, having a little extra hair can really help protect your back from UV rays and direct sunlight, so it’s your call.

Problems of having long hair

With regards to very long hair, it’s important to point out that there are also a few disadvantages. First of all, long hair is difficult to manage. Combing, brushing and bathing, for example, requires more effort in order to maintain the hair’s beauty. You will also require stronger hair care products in order to cope with the increasing needs of your hair.

Another problem is that long hair requires more nutrients, which means that if your hair follicles can’t receive sufficient amounts of nutrients daily, your long shiny hair will turn into long ugly hair. This is particularly true if your hair strands cannot distribute nutrients or moisture from the hair follicles, which then leads to dry and ugly hair.

Thirdly, long hair is more easily exposed to the sun, which means that they are more likely to become dry or damaged if your job or activities requires you to travel all over the place. So the longer your hair grows, the more protection you will need to give it. To do this, you should consider using scarves or shampoos that offer protection from UV rays. If they don’t work, you can always avoid the sun until your hair has regained some of its former beauty.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that age has a tremendous effect on your hair. As you grow older, the hair shafts begin to become more and more difficult to manage. For those who are already past their late thirties, this can be a real problem because it means more work and maintenance in order to keep the hair strands looking pretty.