Laser Back Hair Removal: All You Wanted to Know

In recent times, laser back hair removal has become a popular and effective option for men as well as women who are troubled with excessive visible back hair. It isn’t just men who may require the procedure, even women may do. Due to hormonal changes caused by menopause or conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, women also can develop coarse and visible body hair.

There may be reasons for laser back hair removal. First and foremost is the cosmetic reason where men and women want to get rid of unsightly back hair to comfortably wear brief clothes, bathing suits and so on. However there could be other reasons as well, like itchy, ingrown, infected or irritated hair follicles.

How does laser hair removal work?

This is considered a long term or semi permanent solution for treating hairiness. Whereas other solutions are also available, they are short term at best. Shaving or using depilatories (hair removal cream) only removes hair from the surface and it quickly grows back in days. Waxing or epilating will last a little longer but the hair still comes back.


Electrolysis is a permanent solution, but it can be painful, expensive and very time consuming. This leaves laser which targets the hair follicle in a way that the hair production is either stopped or reduced greatly. The lasers kill the hair root but not the follicle. So after laser treatments, most people may have only some very fine and barely visible hair, which can be ignored or removed more easily than before.

Who is a good candidate for laser back hair removal?

Those who have fair skin and dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal treatments. This is because the laser zooms in on the darker colored (pigmented) tissue rather than the lighter colored tissues. So those who have dark skin or light hair are not good candidates for regular laser therapy. However people with dark skin can still undergo some types of laser treatments.

Laser back hair removal can be a particularly good option for men since their hair growth on the back can be quite a bit. Also since male hair is likelier to be thicker in composition, men are actually better candidates than women who may have lighter, sparser and finer hair on their backs. There may be a need for up to 8 sessions of 8 hours each if one decides to use laser treatments to remove back hair.