How to Get Rid of Age Spots on Hands and Arms

Old age is the time when body wears out. Age signs can be seen all over. Since body loses strength, vital organs of the body get slow. Old age signs can be seen everywhere; one common place skin. During old age skin begins to get tanned. Occurrence of age spots on hands and arms is very common. People living in any region of the world are affected. It is very distressing to see this. It is advisable to approach a doctor whenever such signs occur.

Anatomy of age spots

age spots on hands and arms

Age spots can be seen after 40. It appears on arms and hands. They are usually called liver spots. But they have nothing to do with liver. This is very annoying to some. They are also called sun spots. The name sun spots is used because they are caused by over exposure of sun.

The pigmentation begins with middle age. The back side of arms is more vulnerable as this side gets exposed to sun. When you are exposed to sun, cells that produce melanin get damaged. With more time melanin producing cells are permanently damaged. This makes skin patchy and dark. Women get affected more often than men.

Those exposed to sun bathing are also vulnerable. Due to over exposure to sun, pigmentation begins to occur. The results are not seen immediately. It takes ages to make them visible. So the term age spot is used to describe them.

Additional factors that cause pigmentation is biliary dysfunction, misbalance in hormones of body, long term use of hormonal contraceptives, liver disease, long use of ointments and creams. One should also take care, if age spot persists for long.

The cancerous cells also resemble age spots. American Association of Dermatologists warns that age spot should be examined by physicians.

How to get rid of age spots

The best way to get rid of age spots is to wear long sleeved dresses. If you have to go in the sun then use a cream of SPF more than 30. The idea is to cut ultraviolet rays.

Another way is to use skin lightening ointments. The best ointment is hydroquinone based skin lotion. The best way to acquire this is by prescription. You should get a tropical skin lightener. Other very effective skin lighteners are deoxyarbutin, kojic acid and glycolic acid. This acid based cream reduces skin tanning to a great extent.

Plastic surgery is yet another option. Get in touch with your dermatologist and consult him. Cryosurgery is very effective nowadays. Cryosurgery involves use of liquid nitrogen. Sometimes chemicals like phenols and hydroxyl acid also burn dead and affected skin. These are time tested methods. Laser surgery is the latest addition to the list.

Skin lightening creams are recommended. Creams take time to reach below skin surface. The acids used are gluconoic acid, licorice acid, azelaic acid, vitamin C and beta carolene.

Some herbal treatments are also available but those are for new age spots. A mixture of grapefruit and cucumber along with lemon works well. Sunscreen remains the best method against age spots.