Hair Straightening Tips with Flat Iron

The sleek, silky and perfectly straight hair that we see in fashion magazines is usually the result of artifice rather than good genes. However with these hair straightening tips with flat iron, you can also have that sleek, well groomed, just-stepped-out-of-a-salon look! And you don’t have to pay exorbitant amounts to a stylist either.

1. Find the right flat iron

Most professional flat irons are ceramic these days. Users also claim that the ceramic ones tend not to damage the hair as much as some other types of flat irons. If you can afford it, pick a professional quality iron for best results. Plates that are up to 1 ½ inch thick will do for most hair types, however if your hair is long or thick, you may need a wider plate because otherwise straightening will take longer. However remember that narrower plates are easier to manipulate.

2. Prepare your hair

hair-straighteningIdeally your hair should be squeaky clean to get best results. Make sure that your hair is clean and well conditioned. Use a good quality conditioner that will help to protect your hair as you style and straighten it. Dry hair is another requirement for straightening hair. Some flat irons do claim to work on damp hair as well; however you will not get good results with damp hair. hair needs to be completely dry if you want to get really sleek hair.

3. Use the right temperature setting

Use the right temperature setting on the flat iron. While more heat may get the job done faster or better, it is also more likely to damage your hair. The rule of thumb is that you should use the lowest setting if your hair is fine or damaged. For thick, coarse (but healthy) hair you can use a higher setting. The medium setting is usually OK for normal hair.

4. Clip your hair

Clip your hair into manageable sections and work on it in smaller sections. Working your hair in sections will help to give you an overall great result. Though it may take longer, it will be worth the effort. Use steady, slow, smooth strokes beginning about half an inch from the hair roots.

5. Spritz with a shine spray

If you want a fuller look with more volume, lift hair from the scalp as you iron it. Finally, spritz with a shine spray, and some hair spray with flexible hold.