How Realistic Is Face Laser Treatment?

In recent times lasers (LASER incidentally is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) seem to be everywhere, offering to perform all sorts of jobs for human beings. There is laser surgery, laser hair removal and face laser treatment available today, to offer just a few examples. But what do lasers really do for the skin? What are the possibilities and what can you realistically expect?

How does a face laser treatment work?

These beauty and skin care treatments are also sometimes referred to as Photorejuvenation and is used for resolving wrinkles and other signs of aging. Here intense beams of pulsed light are beamed onto the skin. This creates certain controlled wounds in the skin. The skin then responds by creating new cells to heal the skin. In the process, a fresh layer of new skin is formed and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced to an extent.


What is laser resurfacing?

One of the ways in which face laser treatments work is laser resurfacing. It is also referred to variously as laser vaporization, lasabrasion and laser peel or even laser skin surgery. Laser resurfacing is used for removing wrinkles and fine lines, stretch marks, sun damage, acne scars, spider veins and so on.

Some of the molecular bonds present in the skin are targeted in this kind of skin treatment and there is a very precise removal of the layers of skin one by one in this sort of treatment. Some dermatologists advise against using this treatment for stretch marks. Also if a person currently has acne they may be advised against opting for laser resurfacing.

Will it work for you?

Lasers work well on people with lighter skin tones. Your age and general health as well as your medical history are also factors that will determine whether this skin care treatment is for you. The cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist that you consult should be informed of any and all medical conditions including any allergies that you may have. For instance, if you have cold sores, the treatment may be triggering and you may have fresh breakouts.

Swelling and bruising are the usual results of the skin treatment and it will be some time before you actually see the results of the face laser treatment. This will mean that you need to remain indoors for several days and that you have to take really good care of your skin as it heals.