How to Get Curly Hair Without Heat for Short Hair

Girls! Its official! Curls are back! Actually they never went anywhere, curls have always been in; it was just the guys offering rebonding services trying to pull a fast one on us all. It is still a case of wanting what we don’t have – curly haired girls wanting straight hair and vice versa. So if you have naturally straight hair, and want to curl them without using heat (because we know that heat can make the hair dry and brittle and cause damage) then this is what you do:

Curlers, Curlers, Curlers

Quite simply use curlers – they come in all sorts and shapes: the type that give you those itty bitty spiral curls, the ones that give you the big and bouncy waves and pretty much everything in between. Since you don’t want to use heat, you will have to do that whole going-to-bed-with-curlers-like-grandma routine.


Wash and towel dry hair or let it air dry until it is only damp. Comb out the hair evenly and get rid of all the snarls. Separate hair into sections and then fix the curlers on to segments. Use separate curlers for hair on the different parts of the head. Leave this on for as long as possible (now you understand why grandma just went to bed with the things). Before taking out the curlers ensure that your hair is dry. Take them out gently and in a way that doesn’t spoil your curls.

The T-shirt Strip Method

This is great for really short hair that you cannot curl any other way. Cut an old Tee into strips. After washing and semi-drying hair, roll a length of hair into the t-shirt strip. Roll up to your scalp. Now tie up the ends. As with curlers, you now have to wait until the hair is dry which is usually several hours; so be a good girl now and take a long nap.


The Bandana Curling Method

After washing your hair (or at least wetting it), tie a headscarf or a bandana as you would a hair band – around the top of your head to the nape of your neck. Now tuck your hair over from under the band and into the top of it. Do this in a way that the hair forms a sort of garland around your head with the head band not even showing. Now again, wait it out! And then take off the headband to reveal lovely bold curls!