Is Cosmetic Laser Surgery for You?

There is a lot that cosmetic laser surgery claims to do for you – it claims to make you look younger by erasing wrinkles, remove age spots, moles and birth marks. Laser treatments even claim to be able to remove scar tissue, tattoos and stretch marks.

Laser treatments for cosmetic enhancements are becoming more popular because they are perceived as less invasive than traditional surgical procedures like facelifts. This is because using lasers; it is possible to create incisions in tissue with minimal bleeding, unlike a traditional scalpel. The surrounding tissue is also minimally impacted by the laser and since there is no actual physical contact, the chances of infection are also reduced.

What is cosmetic laser surgery?

Here lasers are used to resurface the skin texture. It helps to correct problems caused by sun damage, wrinkles, age spots and so on. The scars and lines become greatly diminished as a result of these procedures. However cosmetic laser surgeries, unlike the traditional face lift, will not rectify sagging skin or jowls and so on. For this the traditional type of surgeries are the only things that will work.


Who is a good candidate?

According to experts, those who have very sensitive skin will not make good candidates for this procedure. Also people with very dark skin may not derive much benefit from it. It is important not to have expectations of any very dramatic difference to the skin as a result of the procedure. If one expected suddenly smooth and rejuvenated skin overnight, they would be disappointed. Typically there is significant swelling and bruising after the treatment which takes time to heal.

Also this is not a do-it-forget-it procedure because considerable amount of care and attention will be needed by the skin afterwards. Changing dressings, cleansing, applications of lubricants will have to be done assiduously after the procedure to help in the healing process.

What to beware of?

At this time, the laser cosmetic surgery space is not very well regulated and a lot of unqualified, untrained or inexperienced service providers have cropped up. There is a risk that things could go very wrong indeed, if a laser is wielded by the wrong hands.

So it is important to look at the credentials of the person offering cosmetic laser surgery, their training and their experience. Also look at before and after pictures of what you can realistically expect from the procedure and ask plenty of questions about whether you are a good candidate, given your coloring, skin type and medical history.