Breast Augmentation Incision

Scarring is a common concern for patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery. Though scars are an unavoidable part of any operation, the modern techniques we use at Mayclinik will dramatically reduce the occurrence of scars. Be sure to inquire about your doctor’s suitability for your surgery during your appointment.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Along the breast crease, where the breast meets the torso, inframammary incisions are made. An inframammary scar is well covered in clothing and swimwear since this region is normally concealed. The duration of this type of incision varies depending on the procedure, but it typically averages about 1 ¼ inch long and leaves most patients with a very pleasing scar. For the average breast augmentation Turkey patient, this is the most common incision. This incision is one of our doctor’s favorites because it is normally not visible to the patient after surgery if they are naked and looking in the mirror, and it is the smallest overall incision form we can produce.

Around the border of the areola, which is the dark skin that covers the nipple, periareolar incisions are made. Despite the fact that this incision is made directly on the breast, the resulting scar frequently blends in with the darker skin of the areola and fades to the point that it is almost undetectable. Women with larger areolas or who need their nipple raised into a more pleasing location on the breast should consider this incision.

Transaxillary incisions, which are made in the armpit, are less common. Many patients appreciate the fact that this incision leaves no marks on the breast. However, because of its remote position, the surgeon has little control over this incision, which leads to a higher rate of revisionary surgery and a scar that can be seen in swimsuits and tank tops.

Umbilical incisions tend to be a smart idea, but they are simply a gimmick. Only saline implants can be used for this incision, which leaves the surgeon with no way to customize muscle release to help establish near cleavage. Since there are currently no true board-certified plastic surgeons in Turkey who conduct this type of incision, I would advise patients to think twice before performing this procedure. Breast augmentation, regardless of the incision we choose together, is a fantastic way to boost not only your breast shape and length, but also your self-confidence and body image.

If you are considering a Breast Augmentation procedure in Turkey, consult the right surgeon with the appropriate expertise in the operation. To get more information please contact us and let’s decide what is best for you. MAYCLINIK family is always here to help.