Best Anti Aging Therapy and Treatments

The hallmarks of aging – sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes – are almost always unwelcome. This is why so many out there claim to offer the best anti aging therapy and treatments claiming to resolve myriad unwelcome signs of the aging process. We take a realistic look at some anti aging therapies and treatments to find out what, if anything, makes a difference:


Canadian scientists concluded that the single most effective thing you can do to delay the onset of old age is exercise; that it is in fact the most natural and the best anti aging treatment. In a study conducted on mice, premature aging was stopped; even reversed. Most organs of the body were seen to benefit from the exercise.

According to researchers, exercise is the most potent anti aging therapy and the best way to stay healthy and disease free for longer. It has benefits for you even if you decide to start after the age of 65. Living a healthy life style by not smoking, drinking only in moderation and eating healthy wholesome foods is the best way to keep aging at bay. However if you’re thinking that prevention is no longer possible and the wrinkle creams are just eyewash, here are surgical options to consider:

Surgical options

Apart from the prevention mentioned above, here are the surgical options:


Dermal fillers: As the skin ages it thins out, becoming papery and shallow. The sooth plumpness that denotes youth is gone and the skin starts to sag where it is once smooth and firm. This is where dermal fillers come in. They are also known as liquid facelifts where injections are given to plump out the lips, soften creases, enhance shallow contours and improve the look of scars.

A person’s own fat may be extracted via liposuction and then injected via dermal fillers into the appropriate areas. On the other hand, collagen may also be used for dermal fillers. In some cases a substances called hyaluronic acid or Calcium hydroxylapatite may also be used for dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are often used in conjunction with other procedures such as Bortox.

Facelifts: Rhytidectomy or facelifts are cosmetic surgery procedures that do one or more of various things: they help to remove excess or loose facial skin, they redrape the skin over the neck and facial tissues, and they may also tighten the underlying tissue. Facelifts are often performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery.