Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement for the Skin

Skin is the outer protective layer and skin care is vital to all. The way we look after our skin is showcase of our attitude. It is very important to avoid sun tans and stop aging of skin. As we grow old, skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles begin to appear. Wrinkles also appear because of pollution.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement

One very important chemical for skin is lipoic acid. The isolation of lipoic acid was a major contribution to skin care. Though it can be used for a variety of purposes skin care still remains its prime function. Today it plays an important role in regulating general health. It is taken to regulate glacouma, diabetes and stroke. It is vital for bone health.

There is research done in the field of skin care. It is researched which chemicals can stimulate growth of new skin cells if applied on face. Many skin care chemicals fail to help fight wrinkles. Many chemicals like aloe Vera and topical amino acid fail to penetrate under skin thereby not producing new skin cells. The efficacy of those chemicals in reducing skin wrinkles is debated.

In contrast, lipoic acid is found to be effective in wrinkles. When applied in high density to face, it showed marked improvement in skin texture and tone. This is effective against old age skin wrinkles as well.

Other benefit of using lipoic acid is that it has fewer side effects compared to vitamin C or glycolic acid.

It also reduces photo aging, a process wherein skin begins to tan due to effects of light. Lipoic acid reduces photo aging by scrubbing the older and dead skin. A new skin begins to appear in its place.

Lipoic acid is found to be effective against dermatitis and psoriasis. It is also anti inflammatory.