Baking Soda Teeth Whitening Damage

There are many teeth whitening solutions in the market today. They give a good solution to a variety of problems related to teeth. Teeth whitening gains prominence since it increases beauty of a person. It is a required thing to be done both from hygiene as well as lifestyle point of view. Many home grown solutions are available today. They are not very effective. One such teeth whitening agent is baking soda. This is harmful for teeth. This article explores the possibility of trying other teeth whitening solutions as well as gives the harmful effects of using baking soda as a teeth whitener.

Baking Soda Teeth Whitening Damage

Today toothpastes have many choices. All toothpaste is mixed with abrasives that whiten our teeth. Dental care is crucial for us. Much toothpaste in order to whiten our teeth withers the enamel. We must understand the thin line between toothpaste that whitens and that which extracts the enamel. So toothpaste has been designed to bring luster to our teeth. You must only use recommended toothpaste for shining your teeth. Baking powder has abrasive properties so it’s advised to use it once in a week. Baking soda has harmful chemicals that affect the teeth in the long run.

How does baking soda damage our teeth?

Two effective chemicals that whiten our teeth are fluoride and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is very widely used today. Many of the modern toothpaste use fluorides. Today whitening system contains a mixture of caramide and hydrogen peroxide. Indeed teeth whitening formula has gone a long way.

Baking soda is a home remedy. Other home remedies are use of lemon juice and apple juice. One should not use home remedies systems because they are either too fast or too slow. We do not know the right quantity of use. We often overuse leading to damage to our teeth. It’s always safe to use a commercial formula because that has been designed to whiten our teeth without any side effects.

The worst part of using baking soda is that it will just erode the enamel. This can be distressing to us. They are abrasive in nature. The worst mixture of home remedy is of soap, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Baking soda indeed damages our gums. It is prepared by bubbling carbon dioxide through hydrogen peroxide. It will give rise to crystalline baking soda salts.

They are of varying sizes. They need to be filtered. For that some commercial method is applied. They are then sold under different brand names. They are amphoteric in nature. It can both react with acid and base. They remove plaque by reacting with bacteria which are potentially damaging.

Baking soda is potentially damaging to your teeth. It has been proved recently so you should discontinue the use of baking soda. Instead you must use other commercially whitening agents. The commercial whitening agents are prepared by experimenting hours and hours of hard work to give a stable product.

They have been tested and they give good results. Baking soda will leave enamel eroded. The teeth will be more sensitive and brown in color. It is although a home based remedy but the damage that it does to teeth is palpable.