What Causes Bad Breath and How to Prevent It?

It is so frustrating and embarrassing when you are in a conversation with friends, colleagues or family and you realize that the bad smell that is making them squint or move away is your breath. Bad breath happens to everyone every now and then, but there are others who actually suffer from illness of bad breath. Few of the causes of bad breath include food, health problems or even tobacco. Sometimes bad breath can be the effect of something in the lungs or a systematic infection, diabetes or sinus infection.

Prevention and Control

The mouth has over one million types of bacteria and not all of them have been studied. Therefore it is quite difficult to know which of these bacteria are producing the bad odor.

One of the most effective ways to protect your mouth from bad breath and prevent bacteria from growing is to keep it clean though brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice daily. By doing this you destroy any breeding ground for bacteria and remove the food lodged in your teeth and gums.

bad-breathAnother way to prevent and control bad breath is through cleaning the tongue constantly. The tongue’s rough surface is a potential resting place for bacteria and the terrible smelling dead cells that contribute to bad breath. It is advised to brush your tongue after you brush your teeth; you can use a tongue cleaner for this.

Flow of saliva in the mouth is also important. It contains oxygen which in turn prevents the growth of bacteria. When we sleep, our body does not produce as much saliva as during the day hence the bacteria builds up, and when we wake up in the morning the bad breath occurs. Hence one needs enough saliva to clean the mouth. Apart from being a natural antibacterial material, it cleans away the food particles from the mouth. To keep saliva running in the mouth, you should drink sufficient amount of water throughout the day.