Argan Oil Benefits: Is Moroccan Argan Oil Good for Hair Growth?

Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco. This is a rare and highly prized oil because of how difficult it is to grow; because of the fact that there are very few places that support the growth of the tree. Argan oil is used for culinary purposes – to drizzle over pasta or couscous. It is also used as one of the active ingredients in personal care products because of the fact that it is known to have special properties.

Argan oil in hair products

Argan oil is used in food or as an ingredient in shampoos, conditioners and leave in products. Cold pressed argan oil is thought to be the best and most effective; able to offer the most effective remedy for hair.


In recent times, cosmetic and personal care products with argan oil as an ingredient is increased significantly; in particular when mixed with pomegranate oil. The antioxidant features of these formulations are thought to be beneficial. The increase of demand for argan oil has also meant that trees are being seen as a valuable resource and that people are thinking in terms of conservation.

Possible benefits of argan oil for the hair

Products including argan oil are thought to be a remedy for hair loss. It is also thought that the use of this oil could help fight dryness and itchiness of the scalp. There is anecdotal evidence to show that some types of hair loss could benefit from this oil.

Argan oil is known to have high proportions of Vitamin E which is thought to be good for the hair and skin. It can help to improve the condition of the hair helping to repair some of the damage caused by chemical treatments, hair color and so on. Applying argan hair oil can make the hair more manageable and soft.

There are possible benefits of the oil for treating juvenile acne, for the healing of burns and possibly for the treatment or rheumatism.

How to use argan oil for your hair

Typically products that have argan oil as an ingredient can be used as directed on the product packaging. It is also recommended that when argan oil is used as an application for the hair, it should be applied to the scalp after exfoliation. This helps remove dead cells from the scalp surface and helps the oil penetrate better to be absorbed more effectively.