How to Apply Eye Shadow for Dark Brown Eyes

Dark brown eyes are the most beautiful eyes in the world and the right type of eye shadow can enhance and highlight them to make them even more so! Well made up eyes can make them appear more defined, larger and more limpid. And since the eyes are supposed to be the windows to the soul, you want this best feature of yours to really shine! Eye shadow can create a sense of drama, make the eyes appear exotic and smoky or can subtly help the eyes appear brighter and more beautiful.

The best eye shadow colors for those dark brown eyes

Firstly you want to pick out a color palette that flatters those brown eyes. Ideally you do want to color coordinate your outfit to your makeup but don’t do this at the cost of using the wrong color for the eyes. Check to see which of these colors best teams up with your outfit:


  • Experts recommend cobalt blue as one of the colors that goes best with brown eyes. The contrast creates an eye popping focal point and enhances the brown color of the eyes.
  • Greenish gold eye shadow can look sophisticated and may be a great option for a night out when you want to up that glam quotient. The green helps create an interesting contrast and the gold can help create that lovely shimmer
  • Bronze or copper eye shadows can coordinate beautifully with brown eyes. The bronze color is close to the brown of the eyes and can create impact more subtly and less obviously than other eye shadow colors. Copper also coordinates well; but can be more striking
  • Bluish gray eye shadow is also a good choice – more sublet than cobalt, but striking nonetheless

How to apply eye shadow for dark brown eyes

  1. Makeup experts recommend applying a neutral or white base coat to the entire eyelid area to begin with. This creates a neutral palette to work on.
  2. Then draw a thin black line with eyeliner to define the lash-line
  3. Now using a dark shade of the color you decide to go with, color in the lid of the eye; the part that actually covers the eye
  4. Using a lighter shade of the same color, line the crease of the eye
  5. Apply a dab of color at the outer edge of the eye
  6. Now blend to create a seamless whole