8 Anti Aging Secrets from Around the World

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t have to age; if we could all stay youthful and unchanged? Time spares no one however and the changes it brings about are inexorable. Can you do anything to halt that march of time and minimize the unwanted changes that it brings about? Well, while you cannot stop the process of aging, you could make a few lifestyle changes to slow it down somewhat. Here are some anti-aging secrets from around the world.

1. Exercise

Numerous studies from around the world have demonstrated that regular exercise helps the body remain fitter and keeps disease at bay. Being fit, healthy and disease free is important for looking and feeling younger. Exercise boosts circulation and keeps the body younger for longer.


2. Eat well

The Italians are known for their youthful good looks. This owes itself largely to their diet. The Mediterranean diet, rich in lean protein, healthy fats such as olive oil, fruit and veggies is known to keep people healthy and youthful till late in life.

3. Moisturize

French women are known for their chic fashion sense and ageless beauty. This owes itself largely to the fact that they look after their skin well by moisturizing it regularly. Cleansing and moisturizing skin using skin friendly products can help it look well preserved for longer.

4. Sun protect

Women in hot and sunny areas such as India religiously protect their skin from the sun by avoiding the midday sun, wearing protective clothing and by remaining in the shade. This is known to keep the skin looking youthful for longer. You can do the same for your skin by wearing protective headgear and using quality sunscreens.

5. Exfoliate

Dead Sea salts and mud are known for their rejuvenating and healing properties. Women around the Dead Sea are known to preserve their youthful good looks with the help of the mineral rich products sourced from the soil and the waters.

6. Sleep

This is a beauty tip that many celebrities offer: get that beauty sleep! Restful sleep is known to help smooth away those lines.

7. Lower stress

More and more recent studies have pointed to stress being a culprit in causing disease and premature aging. Smile more, find the positive in life and meditate to lower stress and to help your skin look younger for longer.

8. Green tea

Women of the Far East have long been known for their smooth, flawless skin and complexions. This is largely thought to be because of the natural anti-aging properties of green tea. Tea is known to have natural healing and antioxidant properties.